My note to myself : Prototype.js vs. JSON.js : 1 – 0 (or JSON.js considered evil)

JSONSpent 1.5 hours today fighting with them javascript libraries after having updated a site from Prototype.js pre 1.5.0 tot the latest version (1.5.1 at the time of writing) as an update of the used to its latest version (1.7.1 beta 3 at the time of writing) was needed (and that version requires prototype 1.5.1). So what could possibly go wrong with a regular version update? A lot sadly enough.

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del.icio.usReceived an e-mail in my inbox from the admin Frank after he read my previous post where I explain on how to use his servive to visualizing your bookmarks. All the cons/thoughts I mentioned he answered/knocked off the table making the service he offers even better!

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BRAMUS.IN.SPIRE.US – Bookmarklet to visualizing your’d sites

del.icio.usI myself am a huge fan … the handiness of tagging sites I’ve seen over at work and checking back that list at home just does it for me. Above that it’s darn handy to finding back a site by just typing in some keywords (that flash site with the green background most likely will be tagged “flash background”).

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