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Grid Time (or “Why are clocks in Europe lagging behind by 5 minutes?”)

Yesterday I heard on the news that clocks in Europe have started to lag behind on the official time. The culprit is a fluctuation in Europe’s electricity grid. Clocks, like the ones in your microwave, that are reliant on Grid … Continue reading

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Prevent time drift in Docker with docker-time-sync-agent

Today, at work, a colleague of mine ran into some time issues with his Docker containers: the time was clearly off. Turns out it’s a common problem: Docker’s daemon fails to update the VM’s time after computer wakes up from … Continue reading

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How and why the leap second affected Cloudflare DNS

At midnight UTC on New Year’s Day, deep inside Cloudflare’s custom RRDNS software, a number went negative when it should always have been, at worst, zero. A little later this negative value caused RRDNS to panic. This panic was caught … Continue reading

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Carbon – A simple PHP API extension for DateTime.

$carbon = new Carbon(‘first day of next week’); if ($carbon->isWeekend()) { echo ‘Party!’; } echo $carbon->addYear()->diffForHumans(); // ‘in 1 year’ Carbon is just a class which is designed to be used instead of DateTime. Due to extending DateTime, all DateTime … Continue reading

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June 2015 Leap Second

Today a positive leap second will be introduced, as per IERS announcement: To authorities responsible for the measurement and distribution of time: UTC TIME STEP on the 1st of July 2015. A positive leap second will be introduced at the … Continue reading

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Falsehoods programmers believe about time and time zones

Every day has 24 hours Every day without DST changes is 86400 (60 * 60 * 24) seconds long Every day in UTC is 86400 (60 * 60 * 24) seconds long Week one of a year starts in January … Continue reading

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A Clock that Writes The Time

Cute 🙂

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Real life clock

Mesmerizing. http://iprl.wz.cz/ → (via OrT)

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A lightweight javascript date library for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates. Moment.js →

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