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Frappé Charts

GitHub-inspired simple and modern charts for the web with zero dependencies. The typical Github monthly activity map is also possible: import Chart from ‘frappe-charts/dist/frappe-charts.min.esm’; const heatmap = new Chart({ parent: “#heatmap”, type: ‘heatmap’, height: 115, data: heatmap_data, // object with … Continue reading

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dimple – A simple charting API for d3 data visualisations

The aim of dimple is to open up the power and flexibility of d3 to analysts. It aims to give a gentle learning curve and minimal code to achieve something productive. It also exposes the d3 objects so you can … Continue reading

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MetricsGraphics.js is a library built on top of D3 that is optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data. It provides a simple way to produce common types of graphics in a principled, consistent and responsive way. The library currently … Continue reading

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Chartist – Simple responsive charts

/* Add a basic data series with six labels and values */ var data = { labels: [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘6’], series: [{ data: [1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13] }] }; /* Set some base options (settings … Continue reading

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Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers Nice output! Insufficient if you want complex charts (or a combination of chart types) though, but sometimes simple is more than enough 🙂 Chart.js →

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SketchInsight is an interactive whiteboard system for storytelling with data by using real-time sketching. Creating personalized, expressive data charts becomes quick and easy. The presenter simply sketches an example, and SketchInsight automatically completes the chart by synthesizing from example sketches. … Continue reading

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Spark SVG

Easily integrate sparklines into your website. Host it yourself, or embed the hosted version. <embed src="//sparksvg.me/line.svg?10,12,3,4,8,20,15,9,7,9,10,6,4,0,4,7,10,8,12,9,7,3,0" type="image/svg+xml"> Results in: Spark SVG →

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Piecon — Pie charts in your favicon!

A tiny javascript library for dynamically generating progress pie charts in your favicons. Piecon →

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jQuery Organisation Chart

jQuery OrgChart is a plugin that allows you to render structures with nested elements in a easy-to-read tree structure. jQuery Org Chart – a plugin for visualising data in a tree-like structure →

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