GitBook: Build beautiful interactive books using Git and Markdown

Write your books and courses using Markdown, GitBook will convert it to a complete static website. Installable using npm. A companion app (pictured below) to create your books – in case you want a live preview along your edits – is also available. Building the book to a PDF/eBook is also possible … strongly considering […]

Jay-Z’s 99 Problems vs. The Fourth Amendment

Line-by-line analysis of the second verse of 99 Problems by Jay-Z, from the perspective of a criminal procedure professor. The calculation Jay-Z has to make is whether, knowing that the car contains concealed contraband, he’s better off trying to flee or hoping that the police won’t find the drugs during the stop. This may be […]

Javascript Codec/File Format Implementations

Over the past few months, quite a few Javascript implementations to creating/displaying certain files without the need for native plugins have been created. Although some are still premature, the basic idea is there. Above that they clearly demonstrate the importance of the rendering/scripting speed improvements browser vendors have been/are implementing into their browsers. pdf.js: Rendering […]