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Hide menu bar icons on your Mac with Vanilla

Like Bartender, but – as far as my experience goes – with a few quirks: After having redragged some items you’ll have to open the options for it to collapse properly When having a dual-display setup, only one of the … Continue reading

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Using Subsurface with a Suunto Vyper on macOS (OS X)

Profile of one of the dives I did in the Maldives, displayed using Subsurface Download the Virtual COM Port Drivers and reboot your iDevice. After that Subsurface should recognise your Suunto Vyper. As a diver one logs all his/her dives … Continue reading

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TouchBar Nyan Cat

Stupid Nyan Cat animation on your +$2k MacBook Pro’s Touchbar. Enjoy. TouchBar Nyan Cat → UPDATE 10/11/2016: Of course it didn’t take too long either for a TouchBar Farting App to appear in the wild 💩

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Day-O 2

Yesterday Shaun Inman released version 2 of the aforementioned Day-O for use with the most recent macOS versions. It’s been five years to the day since I released the original Day-O, a simple menu bar clock replacement with a simple … Continue reading

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CURVED/labs: A Facelift for the Macintosh

The Macintosh is a computer with history: with its first desktop computer “Lisa” Apple showed more than 30 years ago not only what was technically possible – the design of the iMac & Co. regularly causes stir. For CURVED/labs a … Continue reading

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Emoji in Chrome on Mac / OS X

Over the weekend an important set of commits (this one amongst others) landed in Chromium, enabling Emoji in Chrome on OS X, and – after 4 years – marking the bug “Emoji does not display in webpage contents on OS … Continue reading

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Bartender lets you organize your menu bar apps, by hiding them, rearranging them, or moving them to Bartender’s Bar. You can display the full menu bar, set options to have menu bar items show in the menu bar when they … Continue reading

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Making the all new Mac Pro

Impressive video of how the new Mac Pro is built/assembled: Here’s the direct link in case the embed above shouldn’t work.

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Office for Mac 2011 Retina update not working — Fix!

Today Microsoft released a Retina update for the entire Office for Mac suite. After installing it however the apps still opened in non-retina mode. A reboot didn’t help either. Turns out Microsoft forgot to change the modification date of each … Continue reading

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Mac OS X Flashback Trojan

Two months ago, a new variant of the Flashback Trojan started exploiting a security hole in Java to silently infect Mac OS X machines. Apple has since patched Java, but this was only on April 3rd. More than 600,000 Macs … Continue reading

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