LESS Compiler written in PHP. Usage is simple:

require "lessc.inc.php";

$less = new lessc;
echo $less->compile(".block { padding: 3 + 4px }");

Of course one can take files as input too (define a 2nd argument to cache on disk):

echo $less->compileFile("input.less");

Also ships with an extra shell executable script plessc

$ plessc input.less > output.css

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Clearless — A collection of reusable LESS mixins

A reuseable collection of carefully-considered Less mixins, or YALML (Yet Another Less Mixin Library).

Next to some basic mixins such as one for a gradient, Clearless also provides mixins to working with Webfonts, Sprites, Icons and Grids.

Built by the guys over at clearleft

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