Tiny Mirror – Mirror your Webcam into the Favicon

Fun little experiment that mirrors your webcam into your favicon. Tiny Mirror → πŸ”₯ The aforementioned favico.js (from 2013!) also comes with a β€œWebcam video to icon” option. Next to mirroring the webcam into your favicon it also supports badges, videos, etc. 🍰 Looking to display (pie)charts in your favicon? Piecon can do that for […]

HTML Barcode Scanner

window.addEventListener(‘load’, function() { barcode.config.start = 0.1; barcode.config.end = 0.9; barcode.config.video = ‘#barcodevideo’; barcode.config.canvas = ‘#barcodecanvas’; barcode.config.canvasg = ‘#barcodecanvasg’; barcode.setHandler(function(barcode) { document.getElementById(‘result’).innerHTML = barcode; }); barcode.init(); }); An HTML5 barcode scanner which scans EAN-13 barcodes using a webcam. HTML Barcode Scanner (GitHub) → Original repo was removed. Forked repos can be found below Did this help […]


Takes a snapshot with your Mac’s built-in iSight/FaceTime webcam every time you git commit code, and archives a lolcat style image with it. UPDATE 2017.01.03: Jelle Vandebeeck has written down some instructions on setting this up. Since this was originally posted, lolcommits now apparently supports recording video (yielding a gif) πŸ™‚ lolcommits →

getUserMedia Moustache

This demo uses getUserMedia (formerly known as HTML5 <device>) to get data from a device camera, then copies it into HTML5 <canvas> in order to analyse the pixel data. It then peforms facial recognition in order to superimpose a marvellous magical moustache. Special Opera Developer Build required. Magical getUserMedia moustache → Opera getUserMedia Labs Build […]