The Vibration API

Part of Mozilla’s WebAPI, to controlling vibration of (handheld) devices:

The idea with the Vibration API is to be able to give the user a notification, in a game or other use case, by telling the device to vibrate. It accesses the native vibrator and tells it how long it should vibrate.

First was called the Vibrator API, but that sent out the wrong message 😉

Using the Vibration API →
W3C Vibration API Spec →

getUserMedia Moustache

This demo uses getUserMedia (formerly known as HTML5 <device>) to get data from a device camera, then copies it into HTML5 <canvas> in order to analyse the pixel data. It then peforms facial recognition in order to superimpose a marvellous magical moustache.

Special Opera Developer Build required.

Magical getUserMedia moustache →
Opera getUserMedia Labs Build →
getUserMedia: accessing the camera and privacy UI (how to)