SVG favicons in Chrome

A commit that landed in Chromium (and which will be available in Chrome 80) is support for SVG favicons. πŸŽ‰ 🦊 Firefox already has support for SVG favicons, ever since version 41 Since most (all?) browsers always make a request to favicon.ico you can also serve an SVG at that location with the image/svg+xml MIME […]

Tiny Mirror – Mirror your Webcam into the Favicon

Fun little experiment that mirrors your webcam into your favicon. Tiny Mirror → πŸ”₯ The aforementioned favico.js (from 2013!) also comes with a β€œWebcam video to icon” option. Next to mirroring the webcam into your favicon it also supports badges, videos, etc. 🍰 Looking to display (pie)charts in your favicon? Piecon can do that for […]