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Video Music – Make music by flashing colored items in front of your webcam

This makes music and needs access to your camera. The average hue from your camera controls which chord will play. Video Music →

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Feeding the Audio Graph – Using Web Audio’s AnalyserNode

Good article on 24ways (yes, that still is a thing) on using Web Audio’s AnalyserNode. const waveform = new Uint8Array(analyser.fftSize); const frequencies = new Uint8Array(analyser.frequencyBinCount); const ctx = canvas.getContext(‘2d’); const loop = () => { requestAnimationFrame(loop); analyser.getByteTimeDomainData(waveform); analyser.getByteFrequencyData(frequencies); ctx.beginPath(); waveform.forEach((f, … Continue reading

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audio-effects – Create Audio Effects Using the Web Audio API

Great stuff by Sam Bellen, in which me mimics the effect-pedals for guitars: Audio-effects is a JavaScript library to create audio effects using the Web Audio API. This library contains the Volume, Distortion, Delay, Flanger, Reverb, and Tremolo effects He … Continue reading

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Jony Jive: A Jony Ive Soundboard

Fun! Needs more superlatives though 😛 If you take a peek at the source code you’ll see that it creates <audio> elements on the fly. To say that we needed Flash for this not so long ago. Jony Jive: A … Continue reading

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Lightyear.fm – A journey through space, time, and music

Radio broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light and travel outwards into space. Follow them through the Milky Way as you scroll backwards through time and listen to what the stars hear. Built using Three.js. Taking a look at … Continue reading

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Interactive Music. Scroll to play. Jazz.Computer →

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HTML5 Drum Machine

Web Audio API (AudioContext) FTW. HTML5 Drum Machine →

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There are existing apps or flash to do this, but no web version so here it is. DaftPunKonsole (Codepen) → DaftPunKonsole (Github) →

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Realtime Audio-Visualizations with JavaScript

window.onload = function() { var ctx = new AudioContext(); var audio = document.getElementById(‘myAudio’); var audioSrc = ctx.createMediaElementSource(audio); var analyser = ctx.createAnalyser(); // we have to connect the MediaElementSource with the analyser audioSrc.connect(analyser); // we could configure the analyser: e.g. analyser.fftSize … Continue reading

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The Presets — No Fun

Neat 3D – WebGL powered – music video: one side contains the actual song/videoclip, other sides of the cube contain separate channels: vocals, bass, etc. Depending on how you rotate it, you can create your own mixdown of the song. … Continue reading

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