text-decoration-* CSS Properties Coming to Firefox

Glad to see this announcement by Mozillian Daniel Holbert: As of today (Sept 12 2019), I’ve turned on support for the CSS properties text-decoration-skip-ink, text-decoration-thickness, and text-underline-offset, on all platforms. As posted before, text-decoration-skip-ink gives you nicer underlines. The other two properties allow one to tweak the position and color of the underline. CSS Tricks […]

Nicer CSS underlines with text-decoration-skip-ink: auto; (previously text-decoration-skip: ink;)

When applying text-decoration: underline; on an element, the line drawn will cross descenders. Using text-decoration-skip one can control the behavior of the underline The text-decoration-skip CSS property specifies what parts of the element’s content any text decoration affecting the element must skip over. It controls all text decoration lines drawn by the element and also […]

Deep dive CSS: font metrics, line-height and vertical-align

Line-height and vertical-align are simple CSS properties. So simple that most of us are convinced to fully understand how they work and how to use them. But it’s not. They really are complex, maybe the hardest ones, as they have a major role in the creation of one of the less-known feature of CSS: inline […]

Responsive Typography

Mike Riethmuller: It is possible to have precise control over responsive typography. Using calc() and viewport units you can create fluid type that scales perfectly between specific pixel values, within a specific viewport range. The formula used is this one: @media (min-width: #{$min_width}px) and (max-width: #{$max_width}px) { font-size: calc(#{$min_font}px + (#{$max_font} – #{$min_font}) * ( […]