Visualising all Olympic 100-meter dash winners since 1896

Great visualisation by The New York Times:

How does Bolt compare to the full Olympic field in the 100-meter dash – not just this year, but against every Olympic medalist since 1896? To answer that question, we created a massive (and imaginary) track with 88 lanes – one for every medal awarded in the 100-meter dash in the modern Olympics.


Yes, that’s Bolt there in the down right corner. What I find peculiar is that the finish times seem to improve in jumps (and now seem to have stabilized). For example: what happened in 1932 that resulted in a huge improvement? Also take a look at 1984 and you’ll see Carl Lewis – of whom its known that he has taken illegal substances – finish way before all other contestants.

More visualisations in the article itself.

Usain Bolt and the Fastest Men in the World Since 1896 – on the Same Track →

Olympic Ceremony Audience Pixels

In early 2009, Crystal was appointed as the official Digital Imaging Services Supplier for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
One of our proudest achievements was the creation of the 90 minutes of spectacular content for the Audience Pixels and Roof LED animations during the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Again: Pixelphones