Spark Inspector – Runtime Inspection for iOS Apps

Spark Inspector will offer you an entirely new debugging perspective. With a three-dimensional view of your app’s interface and the ability to change view properties at runtime, Spark can help you craft the best apps on earth. Wiring your app together with notifications? Spark’s notification monitor shows you each NSNotification as it’s sent, complete with […]

Ghostlab — Synchronized testing for web and mobile.

Ghostlab synchronizes scrolls, clicks, reloads and form input across all connected clients. This means what you’re testing is not the simple page load, but the full user experience. The concept behind it is dead simple actually: start a webserver serving the project and inject some .js which keeps all connected browsers in sync using websockets. […]

CSSCSS – A CSS redundancy analyzer that analyzes redundancy.

$ csscss path/to/styles.css path/to/other-styles.css {.contact .content .primary} and {article, #comments} share 5 rules {.profile-picture}, {.screenshot img} and {a.blurb img} share 4 rules {.work h2:first-child, .archive h2:first-child, .missing h2:first-child, .about h2, .contact h2} and {body.home h2} share 4 rules {article.blurb:hover} and {article:hover} share 3 rules CSSCSS will parse any CSS files you give it and let […]

Trello – Your entire project, in a single glance

A must have tool if you’re working together with others on projects. Works like a charm: organizes your cards (along with a description, checklists, and comments) in the (customizable) todo–doing–done columns, assign people and labels to it, etc. Above that it’s free and iOS/Android apps are available too. Trello → (via Small Town Heroes when […]

Napkin for Mac

Napkin is the ultimate tool for concise visual communication. Painlessly annotate images or create diagrams and share the results quickly. Not only does it and the results look good, it also some contains some interesting user interactions. Napkin →