Tiny Helpers – A collection of useful online web development tools

Nice new single-purpose site by Stefan Judis, which lists single-purpose web development tools – such as the aforementioned CSS Grid Generator and Smooth Shadow Generator for example – in one single place.

As detailed in a Twitter thread, the site is built using Eleventy, deployed to Zeit, and screenshots of the sites are automatically taken using Puppeteer.

The source is open, so you can add new services by opening a PR 🙂

Tiny Helpers →
Tiny Helpers Source (GitHub) →

bandwhich – Terminal bandwidth utilization tool

bandwhich sniffs a given network interface and records IP packet size, cross referencing it with the /proc filesystem on linux or lsof on macOS. It is responsive to the terminal window size, displaying less info if there is no room for it. It will also attempt to resolve ips to their host name in the background using reverse DNS on a best effort basis.

bandwhich – Terminal bandwidth utilization tool →

Via @atog

Text Effect Generator

Nice tool to generate custom text effects such as underline, strikethrough, italic, small caps, circles, upside down, etc.

The tool does not use custom fonts, but translates your entered text to other UTF-8 code points which have the effect built in — 🄻🄸🄺🄴 🅃🄷🄸🅂, 🄵🄾🅁 🄴🅇🄰🄼🄿🄻🄴

🚨 Before you go wild with it though, don’t forget that generated text like that is inaccessible. Screen readers for example won’t pronounce ⓐ as the letter “a”, but instead will read out “Circled Latin Small Letter A”.

Font Generator →

Turn a Twitter thread into an ad-free, single page with @threader_app

Now this is darn handy:

The tweet below for example …

… becomes this page:

All media added to tweets are also embedded 🙂

Automatic GitHub Changelog Generator

If your code/project always uses Pull Requests to add/fix stuff in your code (e.g. no direct commits on master), then Changelog Generator will come in handy. It’s a CLI tool (written in PHP) that automatically fetches all closed PRs and Issues between the targetted and the previously tagged release.

Installation is possible using Composer:

$ composer require jwage/changelog-generator

Once installed, run it like so:

$ changelog-generator generate --user=jwage --repository=changelog-generator --milestone=0.0.7

The snippet above will check all closed PRs and Issues that landed in between the 0.0.7 release and the one before (e.g. 0.0.6) of the repo jwage/changelog-generator.


- Total issues resolved: **1**
- Total pull requests resolved: **4**
- Total contributors: **3**


 - [47: Upgrade Doctrine Coding Standards to 5.0](https://github.com/jwage/changelog-generator/pull/47) thanks to @jwage
 - [43: Generate alternative (Setext, without #) Markdown format for headers](https://github.com/jwage/changelog-generator/pull/43) thanks to @Majkl578
 - [38: Fix: Provide missing required php version in composer](https://github.com/jwage/changelog-generator/pull/38) thanks to @prisis
 - [32: Upgrade PHPStan to 0.10](https://github.com/jwage/changelog-generator/pull/32) thanks to @jwage

Adding the --prepend --file=CHANGELOG.md options, will automatically prepend its output to CHANGELOG.md.

💡 In case you don’t always want to type the arguments you could define it as a custom composer command/script into your own project, or use a config file which is also supported.

Generate a Markdown Changelog from a GitHub milestone. →

BeFunky – Photo Editing & Graphic Design Made for Everyone

At the top of Creating vs. Shipping there’s a featured image that contains the quote I mentioned in the post itself. To create that image, I turned to an online tool named “BeFunky Photo Editor”.

Even though the more advanced stuff (or extra variants of a brush) requires a paid account, it’s more than enough for when you don’t have any editor such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo available, and quickly need to do some basic stuff. Found it very intuitive to work with too 🙂

They also have an online collage maker and online designer tool.

Always great to see what’s possible on the web nowadays, sans plugins 💪

BeFunky Photo Editor →
BeFunky Collage Maker →
BeFunky Designer →