`dive` – A tool for exploring a Docker Image, Layer Contents, and discovering ways to shrink the size of your Docker/OCI Image

You can use dive to help you optimize your Docker image layers.

Say you have these two layers in your Dockerfile:

RUN wget http://xcal1.vodafone.co.uk/10MB.zip -P /tmp
RUN rm /tmp/10MB.zip

Then you’ll end up with 10MB of wasted space. dive will tell you, so that you can combine these into one optimized layer:

RUN wget http://xcal1.vodafone.co.uk/10MB.zip -P /tmp && rm /tmp/10MB.zip

You can also integrate it as a build step in your CI/CD pipeline, and make it break the build in case you don’t meet a certain quotum.

Installation per Homebrew:

brew install dive

dive →

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