JSON5 – JSON for Humans

JSON isn’t the friendliest to write. Keys need to be quoted, objects and arrays can’t have trailing commas, and comments aren’t allowed β€” even though none of these are the case with regular JavaScript today. JSON5 is a proposed extension to JSON that allows these kinds of things. Here’s an example showcasing most of its […]


We β€” Manton Reece and Brent Simmons β€” have noticed that JSON has become the developers’ choice for APIs, and that developers will often go out of their way to avoid XML. JSON is simpler to read and write, and it’s less prone to bugs. So we developed JSON Feed, a format similar to RSS […]

Jasonette – Build cross-platform mobile apps using JSON

Just like how web browsers turn HTML into a web page, Jasonette turns JSON into iOS native components. This lets you build native apps by writing a simple JSON. Here’s a small snippet/example: { “$jason”: { “head”: { “title”: “{ ΛƒΜ΅Μ‘α΄₯Λ‚Μ΅Μ‘}”, “offline”: “true”, “actions”: { “$foreground”: { “type”: “$reload” }, “$pull”: { “type”: “$reload” } […]

DocJSON – JSON HyperMedia Documents

A DocJSON document consists of standard JSON with the addition of a set of hypermedia controls that are used to express the actions that may be taken. DocJSON is a flexible document format that does not impose any structural restrictions either on the data representation style or on the layout of hypermedia controls used within […]


{ “links”: { “posts.author”: { “href”: “http://example.com/people/{posts.author}”, “type”: “people” }, “posts.comments”: { “href”: “http://example.com/comments/{posts.comments}”, “type”: “comments” } } “posts”: [{ “id”: “1”, “title”: “Rails is Omakase”, “links”: { “author”: “9”, “comments”: [ “1”, “2”, “3” ] }, { “id”: “2”, “title”: “The Parley Letter”, “links”: { “author”: “9”, “comments”: [ “4”, “5” ] }, { […]

JSON.stringify()’s arguments

JSON.stringify() has more than one argument: value – the value one wants to convert to a string replacer – an array or a function to filter fields space – the number of spaces (or a string) to use for indentation var person = {“name”:”Jim Cowart”,”location”:{“city”:{“name”:”Chattanooga”,”population”:167674},”state”:{“name”:”Tennessee”,”abbreviation”:”TN”,”population”:6403000}},”company”:”appendTo”}; JSON.stringify(person, [“name”, “company”], 4); /* produces: “{ “name”: “Jim Cowart”, […]

Simple REST API Explorer

Just pushed a new project to GitHub named Simple REST API Explorer, a simple way to showcasing and exploring all endpoints of your RESTful API. The demo allows you to call some Twitter API endpoints a sample RESTful API I’ve quickly knocked up as the Twitter API is rather unstructured. Update the index.html file to […]