Accessing a tweet using only its ID (and without the Twitter API)

Today I learned that Twitter totally ignores the username in the β€œtweet detail route” on their website. This allows you to view details of a (public) tweet when knowing only its ID, without needing to access the Twitter API (which is the default geeky approach I was first going to take). Twitter’s tweet detail route […]

Nodal – API Services Made Easy With Node.js

Nodal is a web server for Node.js, optimized for building API services quickly and efficiently. Boasting its own opinionated, explicit, idiomatic and highly-extensible framework, Nodal takes care of all of the hard decisions for you and your team. This allows you to focus on creating an effective product in a short timespan while minimizing technical […]

Syncing Data With Firebase Using Ionic Framework

$scope.list = function() { fbAuth = fb.getAuth(); if(fbAuth) { var sync = $firebase(fb.child(“users/” + fbAuth.uid)); var syncObject = sync.$asObject(); syncObject.$bindTo($scope, “data”); } } Once syncObject is bound to $, which is provided by AngularFire, data will be synchronized consistently in three ways (UI, $, and Firebase): Calling ${title: result}); will update the UI and also […]

SWAPI β€” The Star Wars API

$ curl -X GET { "name": "Luke Skywalker", "height": "1.72 m", "mass": "77 Kg", "hair_color": "Blond", "skin_color": "Caucasian", "eye_color": "Blue", "birth_year": "19 BBY", "gender": "Male", "homeworld": "", "films": [ "", "", "" ], "species": [ "" ], "vehicles": [ "", "" ], "starships": [ "", "" ], "created": "2014-12-09T13:50:51.644000Z", "edited": "2014-12-10T13:52:43.172000Z", "url": "" } […]

Reqres – Test your front-end against a real API

Reqres simulates real application scenarios. If you want to test a user authentication system, Reqres will respond to a successful login/register request with a token for you to identify a sample user, or with a 403 forbidden response to an unsuccessful login/registration attempt. Great to see an initiative like this. Nearly three years ago I […]

Slate – Beautiful static documentation for your API

Slate helps you create beautiful API documentation. Think of it as an intelligent, responsive documentation template for your API. Slate – Beautiful static documentation for your API → Tutorial: Writing API Documentation with Slate → Related: Swagger, a dynamic documentation generator