Focal Point: Intelligent Cropping of Responsive Images

When working with images on small screen devices it is recommended to focus on the subject: don’t just show a scaled down version of the photo, it’s better to remove some of the background scenery and show the person on the photo (see the Obama example at the top of this post on responsive images). […]

CSS Filterlab

While we have to wait for CSS Custom Filters to hit mainstream browsers, you can use CSS Filter Lab to play with built-in CSS filters already available in most WebKit browsers today, including Chrome, Safari, and even Mobile Safari on iOS6. With CSS Filters you can create stunning effects. filter: sepia(0.8) saturate(3) brightness(0.25) contrast(2); for […]

Responsive CSS3 Slider

With clever use of the general sibling selector: #slide1:checked ~ #slides .inner { margin-left:0; } #slide2:checked ~ #slides .inner { margin-left:-100%; } #slide3:checked ~ #slides .inner { margin-left:-200%; } #slide4:checked ~ #slides .inner { margin-left:-300%; } #slide5:checked ~ #slides .inner { margin-left:-400%; } Responsive CSS3 Slider →