Typical display: flow-root; use case

Good display: flow-root; use case by Paul Bakaus: flow-root establishes a new block formatting context, but most have dismissed it as simply replacing clearfix hacks. But consider this extremely common case, where you have a few paragraphs of text, some bullet points and a floating image. In the image above you can see that the […]

Establishing a new block formatting context using overflow: hidden;

Today Vasilis tweeted a link to a very nice (and old, apparently) CSS trick: Here's your monthly reminder that this is an obscure, but very handy feature of CSS overflow. http://t.co/4qNriVlB5y — Vasilis (@vasilis) February 13, 2014 Overflow does some cool things you should know about. Creates Block Formatting Context Clears Floats The second feature […]