Creating Scroll-Triggered Animations by combining Scroll-Driven Animations, Custom Properties, Style Queries, and Transitions

When you combine Scroll-Driven Animations with Custom Properties, Style Queries, and Transitions you hack your way into creating Scroll-Triggered Animations.

CSS Type Grinding: Casting Tokens (sm|md|etc) into Useful Values (aka Style Queries without Style Queries thanks to @property)

My favorite use case for Style Queries is the ability to change a bunch of styles based on the value of a so called “higher-order variable”. You use that variable as a switch to change a bunch of properties. @container style(–theme: dark) { .card { background: royalblue; border-color: navy; color: white; } .card button { …

Open Props — Supercharged CSS Variables

Adam Argyle released a new project named Open Props. Similar to the aforementioned Pollen, it’s a library that offers nothing but CSS Custom Properties. Open source CSS custom properties to help accelerate adaptive and consistent design. Available from a CDN or NPM, as CSS or Javascript. Once included, you can use the Custom Properties the …

On Using Custom Properties

On Twitter, John Allsopp recently shared that Flexbox is the greatest thing that happed to CSS. I quickly chimed in with my personal favourite. To me the single greatest addition to CSS over the past 20 years is Custom Properties. They’ve opened up a ton of possibilities, and make us CSS Authors way more productive. …

Pollen — Functional CSS for the future

Interesting: a CSS library that only provides you with CSS Custom Properties to use in your own CSS: Pollen is a library of CSS variables for rapid prototyping, consistent styling, and as a zero-runtime utility-first foundation for your own design systems. Heavily inspired by TailwindCSS. Pollen →