Their missing Mile-High Menus and Magic Corners : Fitts’ Law vs. Apple on Windows

When using software Fitts’ Law – a model of human movement, predicting the time required to rapidly move from a starting position to a final target area, as a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target – is in effect all the time. Microsoft understands the importance of this […]

My Distractions, the almighty Elsewhere Archive : Update

In the comments on my previous post about the little sidenotes I’m serving here, which I like to call ‘Elsewhere’, my pal Manuel threw in a term I hadn’t seen before (actually I had, but I simply forgot about it): ‘Asides’. Soon my search on Google started and all my questions got answered as you […]

BRAMUS.IN.SPIRE.US – Bookmarklet to visualizing your’d sites

I myself am a huge fan … the handiness of tagging sites I’ve seen over at work and checking back that list at home just does it for me. Above that it’s darn handy to finding back a site by just typing in some keywords (that flash site with the green background most likely […]