Beware when base64-encoding on the CLI using echo

Recently I needed to base64-encode a string. To do this I turned to the CLI and piped the output of echo to base64. # Don’t use! Correct command further down this post. $ echo ‘test’ | base64 dGVzdAo= Although the output looks quite good, things didn’t quite work out when using the string: it failed […]

AV1, the video codec of the future

Next to praising the AV1 Codec and providing conversion examples (using ffmpeg), Andrey Sitnik also gives a good overview on containers and codecs – concepts every web developer who embed video should know imho – in his post on the subject: File extensions for video (.mp4, .wmv, .webm or .mov) barely represent containers. When you […]

Text Escaping and Unescaping in JavaScript with strutil

Today the package strutil came in handy, after receiving (*) this UTF-8 Quoted Printable text in my hands: =?UTF-8?Q?Test_=F0=9F=91=BB?= Thanks to strutil#unescapeFromMime() I was able to regain the original string: Test 👻 Upon further investigation of strutil it turns out that this package is really powerful as it can do a truckload of things when […]