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One moment you’re excited about your son who’s about to be born, the other moment you’re in fear that he might not make it.

One moment you’re overly happy because your son did make it thanks to the help of doctors and medical staff, the other moment you’re shocked to receive a phone call from the police to inform you that they found your uncle in his home and that he has been hospitalised with a severe cerebral haemorrhage.

One moment you’re excited to see that your article got mentioned on CSS-Tricks, the other moment your cleaning lady enters the house in tears to say that she accidentally ran over your 12 year old pet cat (RIP, Kiki).

One moment you’re celebrating your mum’s 60th birthday, the other moment you’re sad to hear that an exciting project got cancelled.

One moment you feel appreciated when receiving flowers at your diving club‘s annual members meeting, the other moment you’re cursing at the “handyman” because the roof that should no longer be leaking is leaking again.

One moment you’re glad to have your CFP accepted, the other moment you’re at the undertaker arranging a funeral for your uncle (RIP) because he and his sister (aka: your mum) were no longer on speaking terms.

I wonder what else 2020 has in store for me. It’s been pretty rough, so far …

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