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Fastlane Screencast: Integrate fastlane into your Ionic Framework build process

fastlane are an awesome bunch of tools. Josh Holtz has recently started Fastlane Screencast, a website with videos/tutorials for explaining and implementing built-in fastlane tools, fastlane actions, third-party fastlane plugins, continuous integration, and anything else that fastlane can possibly do. … Continue reading

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Δnow: realtime global deployments

Δnow allows you to take your JavaScript (Node.js) or Docker powered websites, applications and services to the cloud with ease, speed and reliability. Every time you deploy a project, Δnow gives you a unique URL to it (even before build … Continue reading

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Static Site Deployment to S3 using AWS Lambda, SNS and Node

Using AWS Lambda, SNS, Github Webhooks and AWS-SDK I’ve a created quite simple process to automate deployment of my site Use AWS Lambda, SNS and Node.js to automatically deploy your static site from Github to S3 →

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Deployment at Github

All deployments happen in chat via Hubot commands, which ensures that everyone in the company (from development to operations to support) has visibility into changes that are being pushed into production. Deploying branches to GitHub.com → Reminds me of how … Continue reading

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Deployment with Envoy

// Contents of Envoy.blade.php @servers(['web' => 'deploy-ex']) <?php $repo = 'git@github.com:Servers-for-Hackers/deploy-ex.git'; $release_dir = '/var/www/releases'; $app_dir = '/var/www/app'; $release = 'release_' . date('YmdHis'); ?> @macro('deploy', ['on' => 'web']) fetch_repo run_composer update_permissions update_symlinks @endmacro @task('fetch_repo') [ -d {{ $release_dir }} ] || … Continue reading

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PHPloy – Git FTP Deployment

; This is a sample deploy.ini file. ; You can specify as many servers as you need ; and use whichever configuration way you like. [staging] user = example pass = password host = staging-example.com path = /path/to/installation port = … Continue reading

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Deploy your apps from GitHub, Bitbucket or your own repositories to one or many servers in one click. Dploy →

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Automatic Website Publishing with git-ftp.py on Mac OS X

On a recent project I collaborated on, deployment happened via git-ftp.py, a Python script which automatically publishes your git repository to an FTP server. The script itself works with with an git-rev.txt file on the FTP server which keeps track … Continue reading

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Automatic website publishing with Git, GitHub-Style

One of the things I like about GitHub is the fact that it sports a gh-pages branch. Anything you push to it, is automatically published on your GitHub subdomain http://username.github.com/projectname/. Inspired by this GitHub publishing flow, I’ve set up a … Continue reading

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Using Dropbox as an automatic and free Web Publishing solution

In addition to having moved my mail to Google Apps for your Domain I decided to take it to the next level about a month ago by using Dropbox for storing both personal as professional (viz. 3RDS-related) data in the … Continue reading

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