My inc.functions.php – Part 2 : Creating a post slug

In the second part of this series (Click for part 1) another tiny, yet handy PHP function is described. Some of you might already have discovered the power of having a "post slug" in an URI. Not only does a post slug give an indication to the user (he can tell by the URI what […]

My inc.functions.php – Part 1 : Fixing those e-mail addresses.

After seeing Shaun’s Fixing the $_FILES superglobal I found myself browsing around in the inc.functions.php file I’ve been using and maintaining project by project. To my own surprise I noticed that the file itself has grown over time and kind of is stuffed with some darn handy functions! Time to spread them out, starting with […]

My TinyMCE File Management : Spinoff 1 : PHP file uploads

I have been writing on how to handle files for use with TinyMCE in the past (Part 1 & Part 2). Before continuing the series I feel like writing a more general post on the subject, as this will give insight in the how and why later on. Having experimented with file uploads myself in […]