How to Perform Calendar Calculations in Your Head

In case you want to impress your family over Christmas’/New Year’s Dinner: A so-called calendrical savant (or calendar savant) is someone who despite their intellectual disability (typically autism) can name the day of the week of a given date, or visa versa in a few seconds or even a tenth of a second (Kennedy & […]

Easily interact with Google Calendar from PHP with spatie/laravel-google-calendar

Great new package by spatie: use Spatie\GoogleCalendar\Event; //create a new event $event = new Event; $event->name = 'A new event'; $event->startDateTime = Carbon\Carbon::now(); $event->endDateTime = Carbon\Carbon::now()->addHour(); $event->save(); // get all future events on a calendar $events = Event::get(); $firstEvent = $events->first(); $firstEvent->name = 'updated name'; $firstEvent->save(); // create a new event Event::create([ 'name' => 'A […]

Calling all digital nomads: Switch your mail (and other stuff) to Google Apps … yesterday!

As I’m quite a digital nomad myself I need to have access to my inbox and mail archive from any place (and with that, any system – be it my macbook, my pc, my gf’s pc, an internetcafé, etc.) at any time. Next to that issue I want to have lots of space (my mail […]