A Netlify Serverless Function in one Tweet

Your first serverless function in one tweet: 1. Save this as `functions/my-first-function.js`: exports.handler = async () => ({ statusCode: 200, body: 'boop',}); 2. Deploy to Netlify3. Call it at <your site>/.netlify/functions/my-first-functionhttps://t.co/cRgT9Yxbmy — Netlify (@Netlify) December 20, 2019 This is cgi-bin all over again, right?

Scheduling Deploys with GitHub Actions

Leveraging GitHub Workflows’ Scheduled Events (read: cronjobs that run on GitHub) the folks at De Voorhoede let their static site automatically be rebuilt overnight. They do this because they have some external content, which doesn’t get committed into the repo, included on their site. Static websites don’t update by themselves. In case of code changes […]

Deploying multi-source sites to Netlify

Deploying one site (from a single source repo) to Netlify ain’t that hard – see my instructions here – but what if your sources are spread out across multiple repos? How do you combine the data without duplicating it into a monorepo? That’s exactly the problem Spatie was having for their docs.spatie.be: the website holds […]

How to deploy your first site onto Netlify (+ basic configuration)

About two months ago I developed the website for vBridge, a new company I’m participating in. As the website consists of only one static placeholder-like page, I decided to look into hosting the page directly onto a CDN. Having heard a lot of good things about Netlify, I decided to check that out. The site […]