Chrome Extension Webpack Boilerplate

If you ever want to create a Chrome Extension, this repo might come in handy:

A basic foundation boilerplate for rich Chrome Extensions using Webpack to help you write modular and modern Javascript code, load CSS easily and automatic reload the browser on code changes.

Chrome Extension Webpack Boilerplate →

Node.js “Hackathon Starter”


If you have attended any hackathons in the past, then you know how much time it takes to get a project started: decide on what to build, pick a programming language, pick a web framework, pick a CSS framework. A while later, you might have an initial project up on GitHub and only then can other team members start contributing. Or how about doing something as simple as Sign in with Facebook authentication? You can spend hours on it if you are not familiar with how OAuth 2.0 works.

That’s were the Hackathon Starter comes in handy as it has the default structure layed out, and lots of integrations built-in: Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, etc. — They’re all in there by default.

If you’ve built Node apps before most of the packages/technologies used will sound familiar to you: Express, Mongoose, Jade, Sass, etc.

Hackathon Starter – A boilerplate for Node.js web applications →