PlayCanvas – WebGL 3D game engine with online toolset.


The PlayCanvas Engine is a JavaScript library engineered specifically for building video games. It implements all of the major components that you need to write high quality games:

  • Graphics: model loading, per-pixel lighting, shadow mapping, post effects
  • Physics: rigid body simulation, ray casting, joints, trigger volumes, vehicles
  • Animation: keyframing, skeletal blending, skinning
  • Audio engine: 2D and 3D audio sources
  • Input devices: mouse, keyboard, touch and gamepad support
  • Entity-component system: high level game object management

Comes with an in-browser editor to build your games and can also host your projects:


PlayCanvas →
PlayCanvas Engine Source (GitHub) →

Unnumbered Sparks


Unnumbered Sparks is a monumental interactive sculpture in the sky. Choreographed by visitors in real time through their mobile devices, at night the sculpture became a crowd-controlled visual artwork on a giant, floating canvas.

Built using Chrome; Powered by Go, WebGL, WebSockets, Web Audio, and Polymer:

Truly impressive.

Unnumbered Sparks →

Graffiti General


Graffiti General is an immersive WebGL plunge into an abandoned building near Paris and the countless graffiti works that it enshrines.

On the eve of it’s restoration, the memory of the building in its current state is preserved and accessible to everybody.

Graffiti General was made possible thanks to a combination of the very latest technologies: WebGL and ThreeJS on a HTML5 page.
20 000 M2 were thus 3D modelled and 5200 photos, the greatest amount of textures ever used, were colour corrected and integrated into the 3D model.

Graffiti General →