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Pure CSS Francine – An 18th-Century Oil Painting Recreated with HTML and CSS

Handcrafted recreation of an 18th-century oil painting using just HTML and CSS. Here’s an analysis of it using the Chrome DevTools, as recorded by Paul Irish: Chrome only though: Because of the artistic nature of this project I have not … Continue reading

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Polluted Water Popsicles

What if one were to create water popsicles from sewage water? Art students Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti from the National Taiwan University of the Arts did just so: The group collected polluted water from 100 locations in … Continue reading

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Autonomous Trap: A Trap for Self-Driving Cars

Art installation by James Bridle: Ground markings to trap autonomous vehicles using “no entry” and other glyphs. Ingenious! 🙂 Autonomous Trap → Related: How Art Can Transform The Internet →

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FedEx artworks by Walead Beshty

Artist Walead Beshty has been shipping boxes built out of laminated glass panels. The boxes are built to the exact size of standardised FedEx boxes, so that they perfectly fit inside ‘m. The glass works are shipped unprotected, so that … Continue reading

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Film Meets Art

Art inspires cinema, cinema inspires art. As lover of both, I just wanted to look into films that are inspired by famous paintings throughout history. There are plenty of movies more to include, maybe for a second part in the … Continue reading

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Patrick Hughes 3D Paintings

This is an amazing piece of 3D art where the closest part of the picture appears to be the furthest away, an optical illusion known as “Reverspective”. As you move around the painting, the room in the painting appears to … Continue reading

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Classic Programmer Paintings

“Operations and Developers agreeing on Git workflow”Jacques-Louis David, 1796-1799, Oil on Canvas Classic Programmer Paintings →

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How Art Can Transform The Internet

Maybe the aesthetic value of internet art is measured by its ability to help us see the internet, just as as a novel can help us see language. I really like the mentioned “rainbow effect” which we can see in … Continue reading

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Certain types of flowers close at night, for self-defense and to conserve their resources. This highly evolved natural mechanism is called nyctinasty, and inspired Studio Drift to create Shylight, a light sculpture that unfolds and retreats in a fascinating choreography … Continue reading

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Every User

We Are Database. Listing every single twitter user in the order of their twitter ID. Tweeting users at 1-minute intervals. Call it modern art. Every User →

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