Realtime Audio-Visualizations with JavaScript

window.onload = function() {
  var ctx = new AudioContext();
  var audio = document.getElementById('myAudio');
  var audioSrc = ctx.createMediaElementSource(audio);
  var analyser = ctx.createAnalyser();
  // we have to connect the MediaElementSource with the analyser 
  // we could configure the analyser: e.g. analyser.fftSize (for further infos read the spec)
  // frequencyBinCount tells you how many values you'll receive from the analyser
  var frequencyData = new Uint8Array(analyser.frequencyBinCount);
  // we're ready to receive some data!
  // loop
  function renderFrame() {
     // update data in frequencyData
     // render frame based on values in frequencyData
     // console.log(frequencyData)

Web Audio API + Canvas + Some math. I would have chosen a different track though 😉

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The Presets — No Fun

Neat 3D – WebGL powered – music video: one side contains the actual song/videoclip, other sides of the cube contain separate channels: vocals, bass, etc. Depending on how you rotate it, you can create your own mixdown of the song.

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