Re-thinking reading on the Web

When we were introduced to the team at The Atlantic they were creating a series of articles about “Population Health”. They wanted to tell these stories in an interactive and visual way. The challenge was to create interactive visualizations based on industry concepts and make them accessible to both healthcare professionals and the a casual […]

NewNewTwitter Promo Video: Fly Twitter

A few notes on the new design after a quick look and some read tweets: The textarea to compose a new tweet has gone from “What are you doing?” to “What’s happening?” to “Compose a new tweet” … #hmmz. NewNewTwitter still has these dreadful hashbang urls. DMs apparently are not prominent anymore. One reason for […]

Ben Dodson: Goodbye Gowalla

Ben Dodson, once a loyal Gowalla user and 3rd party Gowalla App Developer — he created Wallabee (formerly GowallaTools), and Highlights — says goodbye to Gowalla. In his goodbye he talks about his developer love-hate relationship with Gowalla, highlights some of the points where Gowalla has failed over the years, and points out some points […]

On Gowalla, Facebook, Instagram, Path, and Storytelling

I was meaning to write a blogpost on Gowalla 4. About how I used it less than before. But also about that when I use it (which I still do from time to time), I use it in a more engaged way. In the blogpost on Path 2, I was going to state that “Path […]