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How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

As a result of being resource-starved, Flickr quit planting the anchors it needed to climb ever higher. It missed the boat on local, on real time, on mobile, and even ultimately on social—the field it pioneered. And so, it never … Continue reading

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Instagram | Flickr

Dan Catt, who fell in love with Instagram just a little bit, and out of love with Flickr, just a little bit over the holidays: Christmas morning was almost magical. The previous year on Flickr was almost as magical, once … Continue reading

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Introducing Twitpickr

The past few weeks former classmate and friend Stijn (@wwdj) has been working on Twitpickr, a webapp which lets you easily upload your twitpic pics to your Flickr account. As of yesterday, Twitpickr has gone live to all twitterati 🙂

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RE: FlickrDown lets you archive all your Flickr photos

Someone got FlickrDown onto Digg. Too bad he didn’t do his research that good, as FlickrDown is considered rubbish when compared to Downloadr 😉

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How to find the original Flickr Photo URL and User from a Static Flickr Image URL/Permalink (My priceless Flickr Tip)

Got a link like //farm3.static.flickr.com/2085/2177060015_258bcfaff9_m.jpg and want to find out which user posted it, more images by that user, see the full-size version, etc? Seek no longer, the answer is very simple!

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