Derek Sivers, on how to improve life, not by adding things but by subtracting things: The least successful people I know run in conflicting directions, are drawn to distractions, say yes to almost everything, and are chained to emotional obstacles. The most successful people I know have a narrow focus, protect themselves against time-wasters, say […]

Customer Support

Customer support is an R&D exercise. Every support ticket is an opportunity to think through: 🎫 How can we avoid having this support ticket on the future? πŸ‘“ How could we make the product clearer? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ How could we avoid the confusion? πŸ› Fix the bug. β€”@parkerconrad — Garry() (@garrytan) June 1, 2019 Treat causes, […]

Creating vs. Shipping

Creating is easy. Shipping is the hard part, and countless companies never quite figure it out. Sure, they might release their software, but that’s not the same as shipping. No company is perfect, but it makes a big difference when they genuinely care. Shipping is about consistency. It’s regularly updated help documents. It’s responsive and […]


Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp, in an interview, answering a question on how his workspace is set up: I’m a one-computer guyβ€”a 12″ MacBook, so I can work from anywhere. Years ago I used multiple monitors and had multiple computers. Then I jettisoned multiple computers but kept the multiple monitor setup. And a few years […]