PS_BRAMUS.TextConvert: PSD2TXT and TXT2PSD for the masses!

JSXWhat if you could extract all text strings from a PSD file into a TXT file? Sure, it’s possible, thanks to PS_BRAMUS.TextExport, the PSD2TXT script I wrote a few months ago. Now, what if you wanted to do that in the opposite direction and import strings from a TXT file into a PSD file (viz. TXT2PSD)? Look no further, PS_BRAMUS.TextConvert is here, and does both!

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jQuery.serializeAnything : Serialize anything (and not just forms!)

Code snippet I found somewhere in my archive: jQuery.serializeAnything() is a jQuery Extension that serializes any element you specify, in contrast to jQuery’s builtin serialize() function which is limited to serializing form elements only.

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Firebug 1.2 vs Firefox 2 : Fixing the 'console is not defined' error

Getting some ‘console is not defined‘ errors in Firefox 2 with Firebug 1.2.0? Don’t worry, as it turns out that’s by design. The trick is to issue a window.loadFirebugConsole(); in your Javascript before using the console. Thanks for mentioning it on the list, John! 🙂

Backdropping jQuery functions into PrototypeJS

One of the functions I use quite regularly when working with jQuery is .attr(). Right now – at work – I’m fiddling around in Prototype, and noticed I kept on writing .attr() which – quite evidently – doesn’t exist. Okay, I can use Prototype’s .readAttribute() and .writeAttribute() but that’s quite a hassle: I want one function to set and get attributes, just as jQuery offers. Time to extend Prototype with some jQuery functionality 😉

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TinyMCE : hooking onto the resize event

TinyMCE LogoOut of the box TinyMCE supports a nice set of events which you can trace via the handle_event_callback Callback. Amongst a few you can externally hook onto the mousedown, mouseup, click, keypress, keydown, keyup, etc. events. Very nice, yet I was missing one from the list of supported events: the resize event.

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