Pngy – Load images based on network connection speed

Pngy is a bit of jQuery that allows you to load images of different file sizes based on a page’s load speed. So, if the load speed is slow, Pngy can load your small image. If it’s fast, it can load a hi-res image. It’s kinda like a ping test in Javascript. Resonates with my […]

W3C Responsive Images Community Group

A working group, pondering a proper solution to one the responsive web design challenges: responsive images: Our goal is a markup-based means of delivering alternate image sources based on device capabilities, to prevent wasted bandwidth and optimize display for both screen and print. W3C Responsive Images Community Group →

Chaotic, confusing … and very, very exciting

As Jeremy Keith put it (emphasis mine): This thread on whether HTML5 Boilerplate should include Respond.js by default (and whether the CSS should take a small-screen first approach) nicely summarises the current landscape for web devs: chaotic, confusing … and very, very exciting. I for one tend to pledge for the Mobile First approach (see […]