TinyMCE CSS Classes and IDs Plugin : bramus_cssextras 0.4.1 released!

bramus_cssextras has made it to version 0.4.1! This version holds one major bugfix where bramus_cssextras wasn’t able to load multiple CSS files set through content_css (Thanks to Martin for notifying me!) and a minor improvement so that classes applicable on an element are only shown once in the dropdown even if they’re specified multiple times […]

My TinyMCE MCFileManager/MCImageManager trick: When media is file, not image (or vice versa)

At work (I switched fulltime jobs a little while ago, remember?) we use MCFileManager and MCImageManager as the file- and imagemanager for TinyMCE. The former – quite obviously – handles files and the latter images … but what about media (flash, quicktime, etc.)? At work MCImageManager popped up for managing media, yet we wanted MCFileManager […]

TinyMCE CSS Classes and IDs Plugin : bramus_cssextras 0.4.0 released!

bramus_cssextras has made it to version 0.4.0! As announced, changes in this release are a tiny bugfix and autogeneration of the bramus_cssextras_classesstring and bramus_cssextras_idsstring (by loading in the specified content_css file over XHR (Ajax) and then lettings some regexes run over its content), making the hardest part of installing/configuring bramus_cssextras obsolete! How’s that for user […]

My Javascript (non-AJAX) Progress Bar Class : jsProgressBarHandler, now with Ajax!

Just to inform everyone that jsProgressBarHandler now has a second example where 5 Ajax calls are made and the progress bar is updated accordingly. Nothing spectacular imo as none of the jsProgressBarHandler source was changed (the progress bar still is no Ajax at all), only helping out Chris who asked for a likewise example 😉 […]

My Bridged Gap – flashLightBoxInjector … not limited to Flash you know

After having read a question over at the Lightbox forums where user npaust wanted to start Lightbox from a dropdown (a select-element that is), I’ve set up a little demo where this alternative usage of flashLightBoxInjector is demonstrated. Above that I’ve knocked a small bug out of flashLightBoxInjector bumping it to version 1.1.

My Javascript (non-AJAX) Progress Bar Class : jsProgressBarHandler

Don’t you just hate it when people wrongly label something as AJAX? A fine example of this is the – so called – AJAX Progress Bar. Above that the javascript could … well … let’s say “a rewrite needs to be done” popped up in my head, resulting in jsProgressBarHandler, a Prototype.js class to dynamically […]