(t,i,x,y) => “creative code golfing”

Martin Kleppe has created tixy.land, “the most minimalist creative coding environment” as he calls it

Control the size and color of a 16×16 dot matrix with a single JavaScript function. The input is limited to 32 characters – but no limits to your creativity!

I especially like how the site starts off with some simple examples that are directly rendered. Within a few clicks you’ll get why it’s called (t,i,x,y) 🙂

In a true code golfing style, Noah Doersing created (t,i,x,y,z), which adds a third dimension to it:

The best part of tixy is that your code snippet can be persisted in the URL, and therefore shared 🙂

(t,i,x,y,z) Source (GitHub) →

SlowmoJS – JavaScript in Slow Motion


SlomoJS is an attempt to make learning JavaScript and computational thinking easier by making the execution of JS code more transparent.

Reminds me of the aforementioned CHOC and Bret Victor’s Learnable Programming.

SlowmoJS →

(via @vasilis)

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