The Quest for the Perfect Dark Mode Toggle, using Vanilla JavaScript

In The Quest for the Perfect Dark Mode, Joshua W Comeau extensively explains how he has implemented the Dark Mode Toggle on his Gatsby-powered website. It follows the system’s light/dark mode preference, but also allows for an override which he persists in localStorage. The flow to decide if Dark Mode should be used or not […]

You don’t need JavaScript

CSS is powerful, you can do a lot of things without JavaScript. A quite commonly known example is usage of the Adjacent Sibling Selector (viz. +) to build custom radio buttons/checkboxes or tab interfaces. See the Pen CSS Custom Checkboxes / Radio Buttons by Bramus! (@bramus) on CodePen. With a few more CSS tricks such as […]

You Don’t Need jQuery!

A series of posts in line with the aforementioned You might not need jQuery, From jQuery to Javascript, a reference, and I know jQuery, now what?. Essentially nothing new, yet linking to because it has all handy snippets collected in one place. One thing I do find missing from it is Element#classList. You Don’t Need […]