A Conspiracy To Kill IE6 β€” How YouTube got rid of IE6 for us

Great read on how a few YouTube engineers bypassed the internal Google politics in order to abolish IE6 from their list of supported browsers: One idea rose to the surface that quickly captured everyone’s attention. Instead of outright dropping IE6 support, what if we just threatened to? How would users react? Would they revolt against […]

Modern.ie Vagrant Boxes

The Modern.ie Virtual Machine Images – VMs used for testing several versions of IE – are now also available as vagrant boxes. Here’s the list: XP with IE6: http://aka.ms/vagrant-xp-ie6 XP with IE8: http://aka.ms/vagrant-xp-ie8 Vista with IE7: http://aka.ms/vagrant-vista-ie7 Windows 7 with IE8: http://aka.ms/vagrant-win7-ie8 Windows 7 with IE9: http://aka.ms/vagrant-win7-ie9 Windows 7 with IE10: http://aka.ms/vagrant-win7-ie10 Windows 7 with […]

Modern.IE β€” Updated Internet Explorer VM’s

Microsoft released Modern.IE, a set of tools to help you support modern and older versions of Internet Explorer. Along with that, they’ve also released updated Internet Explorer Virtual Machines. Avaiable are VM’s with IE7 (Vista), IE8 (Win7), IE9 (Win7) and IE10 (Win8). An IE6 (XP) is coming soon. Modern.IE → Modern.IE Virtualization Tools (VMs) →

IE10 CSS Support

The following W3C draft standard features match these criteria and IE10 now supports them in their unprefixed form: Gradients (CSS Image Values and Replaced Content) CSS Animations CSS Transitions CSS Transforms font-feature-settings property (CSS Fonts) Indexed Database API Timing control for script-based animations (requestAnimationFrame) IE10 also supports the following W3C draft standards in vendor-prefixed form. […]

IE10 Preview 4

An updated platform preview of IE10 for the Windows Developer Preview is now available for download. This IE10 preview adds even more support for HTML5 technologies, enabling richer Web applications with significantly improved performance. Windows 8 (dev preview) is required to test this release. In the comments I’ve read that “We will release an IE10 […]