Microsoft Edge preview builds for macOS

Speaking of IE in the previous post: Microsoft just (officially) released the first preview builds for Microsoft Edge for macOS, which uses the Chromium rendering engine internally.

Although I don’t use my Mac’s Touch Bar – I’ve got set it to always show the full control strip – I really like how they’ve linked it to the browser’s tabs:

🤔 I’m wondering if that would place nice with tab hoarder like me though … I rarely have less than 250 tabs open (spread across several windows) … so much to read and watch.

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Microsoft GVFS (Git Virtual File System)

Interesting stuff by Microsoft. to handling big repositories such as their Windows code base which “has over 3.5 million files and is over 270 GB in size”. Instead of splitting the code into several manageable submodules, they’ve created a virtual filesystem to support big repositories:

GVFS (Git Virtual File System) virtualizes the file system beneath your repo and makes it appear as though all the files in your repo are present, but in reality only downloads a file the first time it is opened.

GVFS also actively manages how much of the repo Git has to consider in operations like checkout and status, since any file that has not been hydrated can be safely ignored. And because we do this all at the file system level, your IDEs and build tools don’t need to change at all!

Announcing GVFS (Git Virtual File System) →

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WinJS – The Windows Library for JavaScript


Use WinJS to build first class apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. WinJS provides high quality infrastructure like page controls, promises, and data-binding; polished UI features like virtualizing collections; and high performance Windows controls such as ListView, FlipView, and Semantic Zoom.

Think of it as a mix of jQuery UI’s Components and a JavaScript MV* framework.

Take this HTML snippet for example:

<!-- Simple template for the ListView instantiation  -->
<div id="smallListIconTextTemplate" data-win-control="WinJS.Binding.Template" style="display: none">
    <div class="smallListIconTextItem">
        <img src="#" class="smallListIconTextItem-Image" data-win-bind="src: picture" />
        <div class="smallListIconTextItem-Detail">
            <h4 data-win-bind="textContent: title"></h4>
            <h6 data-win-bind="textContent: text"></h6>

<!-- The declarative markup necesary for ListView instantiation -->
<!-- Call WinJS.UI.processAll() in your initialization code -->
<div id="listView"
            itemTemplate: smallListIconTextTemplate,
            selectionMode: 'none',
            tapBehavior: 'none',
            swipeBehavior: 'none',
            layout: { type: WinJS.UI.GridLayout }

Combine it with this snippet of JS (and a tad of CSS, not shown here):

var items = [
        { title: "Marvelous Mint", text: "Gelato", picture: "/images/fruits/60Mint.png" },
        { title: "Succulent Strawberry", text: "Sorbet", picture: "/images/fruits/60Strawberry.png" },
        { title: "Banana Blast", text: "Low-fat frozen yogurt", picture: "/images/fruits/60Banana.png" },
        { title: "Lavish Lemon Ice", text: "Sorbet", picture: "/images/fruits/60Lemon.png" },
        { title: "Creamy Orange", text: "Sorbet", picture: "/images/fruits/60Orange.png" },
        { title: "Very Vanilla", text: "Ice Cream", picture: "/images/fruits/60Vanilla.png" },
        { title: "Banana Blast", text: "Low-fat frozen yogurt", picture: "/images/fruits/60Banana.png" },
        { title: "Lavish Lemon Ice", text: "Sorbet", picture: "/images/fruits/60Lemon.png" }

WinJS.Namespace.define("Sample.ListView", {
    data: new WinJS.Binding.List(items)

… and you get this, including all necessary event handlers, animations, etc:


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SketchInsight is an interactive whiteboard system for storytelling with data by using real-time sketching. Creating personalized, expressive data charts becomes quick and easy. The presenter simply sketches an example, and SketchInsight automatically completes the chart by synthesizing from example sketches.

SketchInsight: Natural Data Exploration and Presentation through Sketch-based Interaction →

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Contre Jour

Hauntingly beautiful, pleasantly challenging and strangely addicting – Contre Jour is now on the web! Swing, shoot, drop or fling Petit through 30 free challenging levels right in your browser.

Very nice iOS game (been playing it for quite some time now), ported to the web by to celebrate the upcomig Internet Explorer 10 team (cfr. Cut The Rope which was released quite a while ago)

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