What’s changed in Bootstrap 5?

For those thinking about switching from Bootstrap 4 to 5, the good news is that in terms of CSS and default components, not much has changed. The classes and logic are quite similar from 4 to 5.

The Bootstrap team seems to have settled on a “stable API” i.e. to not change class names too much from one release to the other.

But then what has changed? The folks over at Mono give us the rundown …

What’s changed in Bootstrap 5? →
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Use the Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons with Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 no longer bundles (a subset of) glyphicons. Instead, Bootstrap recommends to buy the full set or use a different set of icons.

However, if you want to quickly copy-and-paste some stuff over from a legacy Bootstrap 3 project, the easiest of getting the old icons is through loading bootstrap4-glyphicons. It’s a project that only contains the glyhpicons from Bootstrap 3.

Once installed link to its CSS file and you’re good to go.

<link href="/bootstrap4-glyphicons/css/bootstrap-glyphicons.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />