Today, the Trident Era Ends

IE6 vs. the Acid2 test. It was only until IE8 that it passed Acid2.

When “Edgium” got released about a month ago, Schepp also wrote an extensive piece to commemorate the Trident rendering engine.

Back in the days, Microsoft was single-handedly pushing the web forward, with around 1.000(!) people working on Internet Explorer and with a 100 million dollar budget to burn per year, with almost no-one left to compete. This was massive!

As I’ve been tinkering with the web for almost 25 years by now, I remember many of the stuff mentioned. IE/Trident gave us many great things, and sometimes was ahead of its time, lest we forget.

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Chromium-based Edge released

Two days ago, Microsoft released their new Edge browser — the one based on Chromium. Apart from a huge change in web features support it also pushes its privacy features – the new “Browser War” – forward.

With this release the version numbering also jumped from 18 to the Chromium version number it is based upon (79 at the time of writing).

Available on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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Microsoft Edge preview builds for macOS

Speaking of IE in the previous post: Microsoft just (officially) released the first preview builds for Microsoft Edge for macOS, which uses the Chromium rendering engine internally.

Although I don’t use my Mac’s Touch Bar – I’ve got set it to always show the full control strip – I really like how they’ve linked it to the browser’s tabs:

🤔 I’m wondering if that would place nice with tab hoarder like me though … I rarely have less than 250 tabs open (spread across several windows) … so much to read and watch.

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Adobe Edge Webfonts

Edge Web Fonts is a free service that provides access to a large library of fonts for your web site. It’s one of the Edge Tools & Services from Adobe. Use of the fonts is free and unlimited, see the terms for details.

Also integrated in their new set of Edge products

Too bad they don’t have a visual library to scroll through, or have I missed a link (all I can find is this plain list and that no-so-good-looking dropdown on the Edge site)?

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