The nightmare videos of childrens’ YouTube

James Bridle – whom you might know from his autonomous trap for self-driving cars – on the dangers of leaving your children on YouTube unattended: Writer and artist James Bridle uncovers a dark, strange corner of the internet, where unknown people or groups on YouTube hack the brains of young children in return for advertising […]

Video embeds for the Social

About half a year ago I’ve changed how I embed videos here on No, I’m not embedding responsively but I’m embedding Vimeo and YouTube clips along with its poster frame (= the image you see before the video starts playing). Doing this will force Facebook and Google+ to show that image – and not […]

LG Smart TV YouTube App Hidden Gem: Device Pairing

This weekend I discovered something neat on my LG Smart TV (a 42LV5500): in the YouTube App, there’s an option to pair your mobile with the app itself. Once paired, you can use your iPhone to play a YouTube video on the TV. Now, it’s nothing like AirPlay mirroring but more a remote control feature […]