– Large-scale WebGL-powered Data Visualization

New open sourced project by Uber Engineering, for visual exploratory data analysis of large datasets: At Uber, the many GPS points we process every day serves needs across the company. If we have a problem in our platform, we can diagnose it by exploring historical geolocation data. If there’s an accident on the road, we […]

Webpack Module Tree Visualizer

Visualize and analyze your Webpack bundle to see which modules are taking up space and which might be duplicates. Generate JSON stats, and pass it into the online tool. webpack –json > stats.json You can also use the plugin locally if you want. Webpack Visualizer → Related: Disc – Browserify Module Tree Visualizer →

Disc – Browserify Module Tree Visualizer

Disc is a tool for analyzing the module tree of browserify project bundles. It’s especially handy for catching large and/or duplicate modules which might be either bloating up your bundle or slowing down the build process. Build your bundle with the –full-paths flag and then pass that to discify: browserify –full-paths index.js > bundle.js discify […]

Visualising all Olympic 100-meter dash winners since 1896

Great visualisation by The New York Times: How does Bolt compare to the full Olympic field in the 100-meter dash – not just this year, but against every Olympic medalist since 1896? To answer that question, we created a massive (and imaginary) track with 88 lanes – one for every medal awarded in the 100-meter […]

Cauditor – PHP Code Audit and Visualisations

Great tool by Matthias Mullie, to analyzing your PHP code (in the screenshot above you can see the analysis of ansi-php): Figure out complexity hotspots in the blink of an eye from a couple of very simple charts [generated by Cauditor]. The charts will help you understand the architecture of the project & make it […]

The Surprising History of the Infographic

The idea of visualizing data is old: After all, that’s what a map is—a representation of geographic information—and we’ve had maps for about 8,000 years. But it was rare to graph anything other than geography. Only a few examples exist: Around the 11th century, a now-anonymous scribe created a chart of how the planets moved […]

Game of Thrones: Journeys made in Season 6

The folks at The Verge: In Game of Thrones, movement is life. If you linger too long in the Sept of Baelor, for instance, chances are you won’t be around long enough for afternoon prayer. That’s why many of the characters in Westeros are constantly in transit, traversing from the North to the Riverlands or […]