JavaScript: Break all the Rulez

This talk will demonstrate that, whether its double-equals coercion, iteration without hasOwnProperty, augmenting native prototypes or even fraternizing with the evil eval and with, there is a time and place for virtually every feature of JavaScript and taking the time to study and understand their potential will enrich the programming experience, just as a broader vocabulary enriches the speaking experience.

The final advice is rock solid:

It’s OK to break a rule if you understand why the rule exists and you can mitigate (or safely ignore) the concerns of the rulemakers and breaking the rule would add value


Most developers use PHP in a web context and run their code via Apache. The command line interface (CLI) is another approach to run PHP without the overhead of your webserver. This talk not only illustrates the usage of the PHP binary, but also some use cases for which the CLI is the better tool.

Enlightening talk at PHPNW11 by Thijs Feryn. Video also available.

Fashionably flexible responsive web design

Responsive web design has made designing flexible websites fashionable again, but there’’s more to being fashionably flexible than technology or using CSS3 media queries.

So this unique workshop — hosted by Andy Clarke, designer, author and speaker — puts the design back into responsive design. Andy will teach you how to design from the ‘content out’, instead of from the ‘canvas in’.

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What We Don’t Know

On any given request for our website there are loads of unknown factors. One of the more obvious unknowns is the browser. There are lots of techniques and tools we can use to ensure good experiences across any browser. But we also don’t know about the person. Who are they? Where to they live? What are they thinking? We should be admitting that we don’t know those things either. And how does that person interact with their browser? And how does that browser interact with the server behind our website? These are all unknowns. The first step is admitting it and the next is embracing it.