Solving problems with CSS Selectors

Presentation as given by Heydon Pickering on Responsive Day Out 3.

Solving problems with CSS Selectors →

Responsive Principles

Responsive web design has engendered a wider conversation about how we build products that accommodate an increasing breadth of connected devices. This talk will suggest a framework within which we can model this continuing discussion, and outline the principles needed for our work to better respond to a rapidly changing world.

A PDF with presenter notes is also available.

Building better interfaces with SVG

Solid presentation by @SaraSoueidan herself. Recently rebuilt a flash site using a SMIL animated SVG logo (embedded below). Presentations like these, packed with code and real examples, are very helpful.

Check out this Pen!

Mobile Development with a #devops mindset

Kick-ass presentation which Patrick Debois – the one and only – gave as a lecture to my students Web & Mobile Development. In the presentation he reflects on a recent high profile mobile app Small Town Heroes, the company he works at, launched:

This presentation shows how you can improve your mobile development cycle when you understand the devops feedback loop.

Characteristics of a well-designed user interface

Great set of slides from my friend Bytte talking about the characteristics of a well-designed UI:

Why Game Developers Should Care about HTML5

I’m at Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Finland) right now for the “International iWeek”, organized by the Faculty of Technology.

Today I gave two sessions entitled “Why Game Developers Should Care about HTML5”, a reprise of a talk I first did back in 2013. You can check out the slides embedded below.

Slides with presenter notes – which might be a better option if you didn’t attend the talk – are also available.

Intro to @viewport & other new Responsive Web Design CSS features

Good introduction if you haven’t read about them yet. Video also available.

JavaScript Roots: Core Language Essentials

(That’s a presentation embedded above. Use your left/right arrow keys to navigate through it. You might need to click it first in order to focus it.)

Whilst we, JavaScript developers, are nowadays spoiled with tools, frameworks, build systems, etc. we might tend to forget some of the core things contained in the JavaScript language.

Think of some core language things such as variables, variable types, functions, closures, IIFEs, etc. — these are all things that one should know as they can explain some of the — at first — odd looking behavior JavaScript has.

Yesterday, at a #fronteersbe meetup, I gave a talk just about that. The presentation is embedded above.