Introduction to Webpack

Slides by Jan De Wilde:

This presentation will guide you step by step so you can start using Webpack in your own projects.

Mediaqueryless Responsiveness

Slides of the – highly entertaining – talk @Vasilis gave at CSS Day 2016 in which he elaborated on a few techniques he experimented with in order to get responsive-like sites without using any media queries.

Some neat tricks include:

  • Calling it “active whitespace” instead of floats getting stacked up 😛
  • Setting a unit-ed value (such as 15em) instead of a plain number as a value for columns
  • Using an URL fragment (window.location.hash) along with an id along with the :target psuedo-class
  • Using vmin and vmax values (in combination with quantity selectors)

Down the Rabbit Hole: Javascript in Wonderland

Talk by Claudia Hernández, on a few of Javascript’s oddities and (un)expected behaviors:


There’s a presentation embedded in this post. View it on Speaker Deck.

For a language originally created in 10 days it surely has a lot of quirks and perks many JS developers are unaware of. Sometimes, it might even seem like we fell down the rabbit hole only to find that NaN is actually a Number, undefined can be defined, +!![] equals 1, Array.sort() may not work as you suspected and so much other nonsense that can trip any JS developer’s mind.

Related: Equality in JavaScript, wtfjs, and – save best for last – wat

Mobile Continuous Delivery with a DevOps Mindset

Talk my colleague Patrick Debois gave at Velocityconf 2015. It touches a few of the same things I talked about in From Idea to App (or “How we roll at Small Town Heroes”) in a deeper way, along with a truckload of more information on how we do things at Small Town Heroes.

This presentation guides you through the toolspace and allows you to think similar for both mobile development and operations with a devops mindset.

The slides are also available on SlideShare.

From Idea to App (or “How we roll at Small Town Heroes”)

Earlier this week I was invited to give a guestlecture to the students ICT at Odisee (my former employer, that’s correct), explaining the app development process, how we do certain things at Small Town Heroes, and how we implement QA throughout our process. You can check out the slides embedded below.

You might recognize a few slides from my previous talk “Hybrid Apps with Ionic Framework”