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I recently enjoyed reading Hidde de Vries‘s post (that was a talk) on Semantics:

One of the web’s killer features is that it comes with a language for shared semantics. When used right, HTML helps us build websites and apps that work for a broad range of users. Let’s look at what semantics are and how to get them right.

In a world where bootcamps are skipping out on the foundations, articles like these are more important than ever.

More to give than just the div: semantics and how to get them right →


As Scott O’Hara notes in his post “Div divisiveness”: it’s OK to use a div in many cases — but not all.

<div>s are meant to represent nothing. They can be made into just about anything… just don’t make them into soup. I think we can at least all agree that’s not what <div>s are for.

To be clear, Scott also notes:

I am not advocating for the use of <div>s when semantic elements would be more appropriate.

Div divisiveness →

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