Ordering tabular data with only CSS thanks to CSS Variables

Neat experiment by Roman Komarov in which he orders tabular data using just HTML/CSS, thanks to the use of CSS Custom Properties (CSS Variables): Each cell of each row is given a specific value to sort on. <tr class="table-row" style=" –order-by-published: 161221; –order-by-views: 2431; "> <th class="table-cell"> <a href="http://kizu.ru/en/fun/controlling-the-specificity/">Controlling the Specificity</a> </th> <td class="table-cell">2016-12-21</td> <td […]

Responsive tables with Tablesaw

Set of jQuery plugins by the clever folks of Filament Group for responsive tables. Comes with a few solutions such as stack (picture above), Toggle (where one can choose which columns to show), and Swipe (where you can scroll horizontally through the columns). Columns can also be sorted. Just set some data-* attributes on your […]